Trying To Do New Things..

I have this friend and we have been best friends since second grade. She has started to act weird since freshmen year. I dont understand why. She refuses to tell me how she feels. People have been telling me since freshmen year that she talks behind my back. I would believe it cause she talks bad about everyone. I am a photography and I thought if i do cosmetology that it would make my career bigger and more funner. She told me I shouldnt be in it at all because I only do Pictures. It got to me because she always controls me. We stopped being friends this past summer and she kept texting me and trying to be friends but then she will start drama with me because she hates my boyfriend for no reason. Were always doing what she says. He is always nice to her. She is never satisfied with anything that people do for her. She is constantly lieing to everyone. she cant say how she feels to anyone. She hangs out with people and then talks bad about them. She makes me like her friends. Her friends are terrible. She told me in the middle of class that My hair is gonna go grey because I supposivly dye it every month. When I dye it like Every three months. She dyes hers all the time. I dont know what to do with her. She wants to be friends one and then wants to start stuff with me.
Suzie21 Suzie21
Sep 6, 2012