So Many Times Do I See This And Otherwise..

There are people who will put themselves in a state of mind and BELIEVE THEIR OWN LIES AND THOUGHTS. I have a relative who is great at this!
She had a bad drug and alcohol situation many years ago. It resulted in many family members at the time being driven away from her. My aunt would let her live in her house at the time. My older cousin had got fed up with her BS and decided to get his own place. (it was a good thing in a way for he was already in his 30's...)

She of course tells the story in a complete different way; like she she warmly suggested maybe he would like his own place if he got tired of living in that house and listening to their mother carry on about certain things. It always amazed me how she and others like her CAN DODGE THE TRUTH AND NEVER EVER EVER SEE IT. Dare anyone point it out for it would reek havoc.

I guess I will never understand why people will see ONLY WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO can be frustrating for the rest of us!!!

aradia11 aradia11
56-60, F
Sep 21, 2012