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Obviously guys don't take the time to read my profile.where does it say I like to poop myself? It doesn't and if someone has a group I believe women should b anally dominated sorry I don't think so. I find some things interesting but some just don t interest me. Everyone has a right to enjoy what they enjoy but I don t have to. No I'm not a ***** I'm a really nice girl

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I do agree with you that not everybody is going to have the same interests. I agree that people should not force interests on each other.

I just think pooping is nice. That's all.

Yeah cannot stand the scat crew.

Scat is pretty disgusting along with **** play.

Some guys definately get a little weird at times.

I ve just decided I won't add them unless I've chatted and they seem ok

I never have understood that crowd.

Block - Ignore - Move on ;) good post !

I don't understand this either. I must block 5 people A DAY that send me messages about wearing diapers, cross dressing, and yes - self-defecation. Nothing that even remotely interests me. Personally, I don't think it's our activities that encourage this. I think it's just the lonely pervs trying to get a reaction. Like trolls, they think i'm going to be shocked. I see them for what they are - isolated morons with little or no real intelligence or imagination. Only an idiot would think the non-word "poop" is even remotely funny, much less sexual.

I mean everyone likes different things but I take the time to look at the persons profile before adding them

That would require the ability to read and comprehend. This may be asking too much. I have a "read me before adding" story which spells things out very clearly. Do the pervs read it? Naw. Delete / block / move on. Some things arent worth even a reaction.

**goes to read your profile** there someone read it ;-p lol

I'm not about to post my fav thingsvfor all ep,to c but I mite chat one on one about it. If I liked a finger In my ***. I wouldn't t join a group lol. I hope I don't get adds from that comment haha

Hope you don't mind me chipping in at this late stage. I've been thinking about this subject for a while now (on and off). I think that EP provides a wonderful opportunity to discuss and reveal things about yourself that you would not automatically or immediately reveal to someone when starting a relationship (be it romantic or plutonic) with them. But, the lines between appropriate behaviour/revelation and inappropriate/perverse behaviours/revelations become blurred. There is also the factor of people being so lonely that they feel the need or burning desire to reveal their most intimate secrets and activities here on EP. Sadly, these people get lumped with the perv's. I think it's a sad situation since the perv's give us (good) guys a bad name.

What annoys me most is people revealing only one side of themselves in their profiles - sexual self - as if that is all that they are. They have little depth...

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