Give Up Already.

No matter where I go I usually find the pervs first. You know the ones that think just cause they like you they will get in your pants. I have said all over this site I am happily married. I guess they think I will throw that all away for some random guy I know nothing people are dumb. I have my real pic up cause I can. SOme guys will say your cute and be happy just being friends. That's fine they aren't asking me personal questions when they don't even know my name! And I will never give my full name to you when I haven't even talked to you for 1 hour yet. Seriously I wish those pervs would go away and leave me alone. I will not be with you just cause you're too much of a douche bag to stop being a freak and get a real life where you might be able to met someone. WOW all I can say is WOW.
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I can feel you girl... I have experience that since I have created this ID and even on FB. I have realized that man are so Dumb, that they would you ask for sex or sexual conversation before saying Hi... Freakin pervs<br />
<br />
I would like to be you friend.. Read my stories and if you think it will be ok with you. Please accept my request.

no no, I did not write it angry, I am simply saying... oh you mean about the word use error, nope still not angry, but trying to understand the words.<br />
Most of the entries I find on that school are just fact and location files and realtors saying that it's in the district in which they sell.<br />
"Mount Pleasant Area Junior and Senior High School is a public coeducational high school that provides college preparatory education to students in grades nine through 12. The school is a part of Mount Pleasant Area School District and is located in Mount Pleasant, Pa. It offers courses in various subjects, such as English, social studies, science, math, and arts and humanities. Additionally, it offers programs in Health, technology and physical ..."<br />
Maybe if there were some other parameter to enter. Incidentally for the amount that teachers get paid compared to other fields... if you knew then you wouldn't use terms like "so much gets spent on teaching "<br />
It';s actually so little for the required work load that most intelligent people WOULD rather work at something else, and increasingly do.<br />
What particular kinds of teacher dumbery are you concerned about there?

Well, one teacher said that thunder is caused by two clouds hitting one another. No joke he was serious. He more and likely isn't there now though. However when I heard this I couldn't believe it. I know I'm not that smart, However I'm not that dumb either!!!!

now go back and rewrite it and every time you say "perv" or "douchbag" sub in the word extroverts... THAT is why they get to you first, many of them are the same persons. oh and where you say "your", sub in YOU'RE. <br />
mumbling...That **** drives me nuts, this country spent millions teaching you better and you say "your", no wonder we have to study language every year and the Germans only do it 3 times.

Man you sound like you are angered easily. Sorry I was human and made a mistake. Do me a favour and look up Mt. Pleasant jr sr highschool. That makes it sad that so much gets spent on teaching cause the teachers there are really dumb. Just look it up and do the research.

So far I have found 4 Mt. Pleasant jr sr highschools in 4 different states; PA, AZ, GA, ND. Which?