How Frustrating

I'm not EP often.  But every time I come here, my only inbox mail is from pervs.  Am I really that sad?  Or are there that many perv's on EP?


I was hoping to make a few good, sincere friends here.  Instead all I get are pervs.  So far EP is not a good experience. 

LadyofMystery LadyofMystery
26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

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Ms.Kitti I like you!! You're attitude is most awesome! I must say, this experience here is getting better. :)

ahh la la ... mystery lady ... *giggles* ... I actually made a rather rabid post about it ...just shake them off darling ...... dont let them kill your buzz..=-D

Probably all male replys are, thats why I don't like males that much. Just think, I deal with "men" who have been treated with depo-provera..they store fat, have high voices, have wide hips..even saw one carrying a purse..and they're jealous of me, spread romours...this is good reference point for you what other males can be like