Why Would You Think You Have Anything In Common With Me???

I find this so frustrating!!

I joined EP so I could totally be myself without fear of judgement or embarrassement. I'm not going to omit any kind of sexual stories from my profile because that would be taking a part of myself away. I am a woman and like most women, I have sexual experiences and I am not ashamed of that.

Trouble is, If I write "I like taking of my bra" I get all sorts of weirdos and filthy comments posted against my story.

I already make it a rule to check out a persons profile and read some of their stories before I add them. If they have more than a third of sexual stories on their profile, or if their top stories are sexual, I do not add them. I am not a prude and I believe it is a persons right to be able to express themselves sexually but when you get four people in one week with all their twisted stuff about wife sharing and the like, That is when I draw the line!

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Writing a sexual experience is not an invitation for pervs. It is a part of the human experience and any intelligent person can see what the person writing is all about by looking on their profile. I am not ashamed of my sexuality either. I embrace my womanhood but this is not an invitation for any man trolling for cheap thrills. There are enough members willing to explore their sexuality here for the thrill seekers to meet. <br />
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The best attitude to have is to ignore the pervs and look for people that are mature and compassionate. They are in the majority. Sexuality is important but not the reason people meet and become friends and fall in love. It is a small component of the human experience.

I'd second that!

Hmm.. perhaps there should be a special flagging system for extreme adult experiences - where EP staff can do monthly review of, after certain groups have been flagged by a number of members.

I tried putting the adult filter on put I found it doesn't make it easy to join in normal adult conversation. There should be some way of blocking extreme and fetish adult experiences but not the mainstream adult groups.

Know what you mean.<br />
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Even if we are open about our sexuality, it shouldn't mean we're inviting the whole world to assume we're open to blatant sexual advances, ones which sometimes don't know the difference between being open and being utterly vulgar.<br />
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I have met several people whose intention in joining EP is solely to explore their sexuality and to connect with similar people and they understand when I tell them I am not open to such talk. It's a shame that such nice people should miss the EP experience because of some brash characters who think flashing their genitals turns strangers on.