Wasted Time

When I first found EP, I was so excited that I had found a site where I could meet other people with similar desires, a place where my wife and I could explore, and that I could while away the hours thinking about my wife ******* other men, extending the thrill by sharing with others and by getting turned on by the activities of other cuckolds and their relationships.
To a great degree this was achieved, I've *** across some very interesting people, some caring and thoughtful individuals and the to be expected, some Wankers. At first I was very prolific in writing of our experiences, every group I came across seemed to give me a hardon, reminded me of an experience of my wifes and mine and spurred me on to write.
I thought that it may be possible to find people, that if a match was made in the profile and a couple of chats brought us a little closer, that we may be able to take things to the next step. A long shot was to be able to find a guy/couple that live nearby and that would like to play.
I feel like a bit of a fool now. I actually wrote things the way they happened and tried to contat people with similar writings, which has been a hard (pun intended), slow (because of interuptions or having to type) and laborious process.
I was just looking at one particular profile, taking the time to circle them, friend them and finally get to comment on the pics which would give a dead man a *****. As I got further into the pics, it dawned on me that these pictures were not belonging to the profile owner, He/She/It did point out that the pics were of the wife of --------------, but the other pics had the same professional appearance and lack of homely/hotel background. The effect was immediate,,,,no more hardon or even any erotic thoughts about his 'suppossed' wife or of mine getting into a similar position (fantasy). I wonder if there is anyway of being able to maintain anomynity and at the same time confirm the reality of the member....... Sorry if I have offended all of you guys that, like me are looking for the thrill (at our own pace) and are genuine, but it really is frustrating and I wanted to get this off my chest..... LOL MT
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I know what you mean. I have read stories on here that I thought were going to be real but as soon as you read one or two paragraphs you know thats all it is, a " story "<br />
<br />
I do have to say that some of these people are so good at describing they could probably write for penthouse, lol. Me (although my stories are real)im not as good at describing exactly how things unfold as I tend to hold back a bit. <br />
<br />
Good luck and I look forward to reading more of your stories.