I can't help but to recall one of my friends telling me that what is happening in the world now is no different than what has been happening for centuries. He remembered from his studies in history and reminded me of my own, that nations, cities, and ethnic groups have all experienced the same sorts of trauma.

The big difference about today is that people all over the world hear about it through the news media. While huge nations were going through turmoil and wars were being fought, civil wars claimed lives, and people starved, other nations had no clue what was happening and lived peacefully.

If you take England and its historical fiefdoms, noblemen, who were often knights, ruled their walled townships. Inside these walls were bustling with commerce. People lived within these walls, as materials were brought into them for the people to by, make various needed items, and to sell to the general public within the walls. All living together, they worked together, drank together, ate together and they all knew each other like tribes. Anything that went on outside the walls was irrelevant, so long as it didn't affect what was going on inside the city itself.

Then, occasionally, came the battle between noblemen for land and the right to own the fiefdom. But, when the battle was fought, and the people won over, people adjusted for the most part, and went on with their lives.

Today, I see that the media has made our lives more complicated. It isn't because anything is different. It's because we know more than we need to know about world affairs. My state, for instance, is one state that seems to be sheltered from all this crazy stuff going on around it. I remember distinctly coming from a state that there was crisis after crisis, crime after crime, and death all around. One of the first things I noticed is that the crime rate here is quite a bit lower. There isn't the kind of tension that goes with a person always having to keep an eye out for predators on his tail.

It's peaceful, and when others were asked if they knew what was going on, and you tell them; they look at you like your crazy. No one had heard about the things going on in the two bordering nations that were affected the United States. Fewer yet had an interest in the news, even those whom you might think would be interested. I certainly thought that a state that is so close to the border that stands a chance of being affected by what goes in an adjacent state, would know. But, people are clueless. And they live their lives relatively free of worry outside their own homes.

I personally, have wondered, and have even asked why folks didn't know. What it all turns out to be is that either they have a steady job, here, or they're on welfare, or they are retired. They have their church, their social gatherings, relationships at work, and school. Outside of that, with exception of the occasional violation of the law and perhaps even an accident, no one really gives a hoot about what is going on. Now, I'm sure they will if it affects them. But, it really doesn't.

I'm about to turn off the TV, or find something encouraging to watch like a positive science fiction series, such as Stargate, Atlantis, Star Trek, or watch my favorite sports teams.

People really don't want to be bothered with war, politics, or anything outside the scope of their lives. They take care of their kids, work, and watch soap operas while doing the laundry and cooking. That's their life.

To be honest, it's what I want. A decent life with a decent job in a decent community amongst decent people. I've just been driven by crises that I've come to live on it, even for it. And it drives a wedge between me and most people.

Politics. . . who needs it?
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Keep fighting, I turned off my tv about 5 years ago and have never felt better. It is liberating to be free of the b.s that the media sells. Tune in to the politics when you can bear it and tune into radio when you cannot. Listen to John Lennon...Give peace a chance.