Against a Treaty

The United States signed a treaty that said it would not advertise drugs commercially. (I'm trying to find out if that was all prescription drugs or just psychotropics). Either way, I dont think they should be advertised.

People see these drugs on TV, and then they try to diagnose themselves.

Some of the drugs aren't even new drugs. They are renamed and repackaged as different drugs unbeknownst to the general population. Some drugs aren't even better than OTC drugs, but commercials don't say that.

All the focus of drugs continues the idea that there is pill for everything, IMO. I've heard people say they would rather just take a pill than change their lifestyle.

honeybunch honeybunch
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1 Response Mar 26, 2009

Seriously! and to make things worse people ignore the side affects and take them anyway! lemme see, do I want to sneeze or have seizures??? I gotta think about that one! and I don't know when they said THIS is ok but I wish they would take it back... I don't like trying to watch tv and seeing these penis enlargement commercials or hearing Vaginal Ring, or any of the othere references to anatomy you just shouldn't be yammering about on the tv