My God

They are on every 5 minutes, they go on forever, they ruin good songs, and the side effects are worse than the actual thing the drugs are for.

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Spirit...what's really funny is that the problem the drug is being given for is often listed in the side effects!<br />
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Mr. Sutton...When was the last time Jesus truly healed anyone? If the Bible were true, we would still be seeing miraculous cures like the ones that supposedly happened when Jesus was on earth. When was the last time you saw a blind man receive his sight? Or a paralytic walk again? Anything you may claim as a "healing" happens to people of ALL beliefs, so either what one believes really doesn't matter to God, or the "healings" are just random happenings that cannot be explained with the knowledge we have today. According to the Bible, the first can't be true, so it must be the latter.<br />
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If you need your faith to survive in this world of injustice and randomness, fine, but don't push it down others' throats.

Some of these doctors out their don,t even care what the side affects of ,these pharmaceutical drugs they give you could really harm you. they just keep giving you another pill to take care of that and so on ,and still make money . I think the best solution is to call on doctor Jesus to heal us like His word say's HE will do. You know if you start praising him giving him thanks he will start healing your body and take you out of trouble. Psalm 107 read it Dave Sutton 881

^ You are correct, but here, the pharmaceutical companies run ads constantly- as if they don't make enough money.

there are no commercials for prescription drugs where i live. that sounds awful. shouldnt the doctor be the one to decide what drug a patient needs? without the patient being affected by commercials.