Bad Eggs

Vivagalore Vivagalore
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2 Responses Jul 8, 2012

Thats me and Maj LMAO

Best tantrum ever gotta give it to veruca ... Is maj the egg or the oompa .... And for the record everyone gets to have a veruca moment every once and awhile !

Hes Willy Wonka! Like his old avvy!

Noway he doesn't get the wonka meme!

He can have the baltic sea and any former republic but not Willy no it's not fair!

O_o...he had it for a while...
he hasn't been on today...hope hes ok

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I see. :)

What do you see?

*wicked laugh*. Oh, nothing. Don't mind me. :)

You share that you've got a secret but, don't want to share the secret?

Oh don't be silly you, I was only teasing. :) ...I was likening you to Veruca Salt. Well really you laid it out yourself by posting it without clearly directing it elsewhere. *giggles*

It was posted as a response to another post... A bit of an inside joke.

I gathered that. But I took my oppurtunity none the less. :D I was just being an imp. ;)

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