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I didn't throw tantrums as a child...but later on...oh boy

speaking of children, what boils my blood about the children iv witnessed in the last 15 years, they have no manners in public. when I was a kid, I didn't even think of acting up in public, and neither did my child, when he was growing up, people who knew my child ,commented often how well he behaved, and to this day he has, what I call a, quiet classiness about him. he is loved and respect by all .

whose side of the family did he inherit it from? (sorry, couldn't resist)

i dont belive for one second you really want to know the answer..bottom line here is ...you are just mouthing off, nothing more / nothing less, and to use your own words...> sorry i could not resist

"Eight out of ten Americans think this generation of kids is more spoiled than the previous generation"<br />
<br />
Is there a related statistic that 6 of the 8 that have this opinion are the very ones contributing to the spoiling?<br />
<br />
What I find to be most pathetic about this PDA is that it's actually necessary. No one ******* explained to me how to be a parent. My wife and I figured it out on our own.

Ummm... I constantly asked other parents and my parents and my in-laws and family members about how they handled different situations, I 'picked their brains' for all kinds of useful information, still do... Also, took child development classes at univ.

Asking family and seeking advice is one thing. I'm with you there. "Child development classes" Yuck. Those that can... do. Those that can't... teach. I don't want to learn theory in the classroom. I want to learn from people in real life.

Thank you for sharing this. This was awesome information.