Cutthroat Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone is a public relations guru and a brilliant author. I think her books should be required reading for the college set. Her path wasn't always straight but, she managed to get to her destination. She is the embodiment of making it your own way!

“We’re constantly getting these messages to mind our own business and look the other way if we want to be well liked, to not tell the truth or speak our mind or say anything too intense. Well, I’m telling you here that this approach not only makes you party to other people’s crimes against themselves but is a prescription for mediocrity and delusion.”

“You can fake your way to the table, but ultimately you have to learn how to eat.”

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Ooo, I will check this out! I love intelligent, strong women.... and Exp123 is right... some of the brightest people didn't go to school for years and years...<br />
<br />
I love trailblazers, I really do...

*lights a match*

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I'm trying to respond but I am laughing too hard to type anything vaguely witty...

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Interesting indeed.<br />
<br />
First of all, having seen glimpses of her on ANTM, she's not a very attractive person. Visually, she's a bit of a troll, but is more than willing to dish out pretty harsh criticisms of the models.<br />
<br />
With that said, she's a hell of a personality. One of the girls was particularly thrilled when after weeks of Kelly bashing her, she finally came around. She's a cult of personality.<br />
<br />
I guess what I like about her is that she's fiercely independent. She doesn't buy into anyone else's ideal about how we should be. She sets her own rules. Regardless of whether I agree with her, you have to admire that kind of approach.<br />
<br />
The world needs more independent thinkers.<br />
<br />
Ironic though that she wrote a book with the expectation that women should read it and follow in her footsteps.....

Have you read the books? They aren't how to's... She isn't asking to be followed, she talks about making your own way.

I've never seen ANTM , no desire to. But when attacked for her appearance she says she isn't selling her looks she is selling her brains, if people want to sell their looks, then there are standards ...

She's a consultant in the modelling industry. That doesn't sound hypocritical to you? Listen, I'm not saying she's a bad person and I actually said that I like her. But, she's an opportunist. I'm just calling a spade a spade.

Also, I meant that she has some unattractive traits on the inside as well...

Doesn't everyone? Why expect more out of her? She actually talks about opportunism. She worked(s) in the fashion industry, yes... But she isn't a model, never claimed to be. Is it bad to expect people who want to work in a very competitive industry be at the top of their game?
Those girls go on modeling contest shows aren't they signing up to compete and be judged? Kelly was hired to be a judge, correct? So isn't she expected to judge?

P.S. She is actually the head of her own public relations company, called People's Revolution.

I think you're missing my point. There more to most people than meet the eye. We need more independent thinkers like her. We don't need people to buy her book. We need more people that can think on their own and get ideas from people that they know, not some stranger who's book they buy at Barnes &amp; Noble...

Totally disagree, are you poking or serious? Books are a great thing, of all the things to buy a book is on the top of the list, this is why we use them in schools... I didn't say that one must buy the book, although I support literary artists by buying books quite often, one could get her book at a book swap or library. I think the books address some very relevant issues, and if you read the books I think you would agree.

" think on their own and get ideas from people that they
know" ....... Wait? What? You didn't... Think on their own by getting ideas from people they know? Funny!

I actually think it's important to get information from sources outside of your known circles, being as birds of a feather flock together, it's good to learn about new and different feathers from new and different birds!

Think globally, act locally. ABSOLUTELY, people should get perspective outside their own neighborhoods, but the people need to start at home. Right now, people barely know their own neighbors.

How will knowing your neighbor help college graduates?

How will college graduates help themselves? The solution isn't college. The solution is improving out public school systems by improving the standard of a so-called 6th grade reading level. Most of the science, math and history taught in college is at a level that most high schools should be able to teach by senior year. College will put our children into debt and WON'T make them any smarter. It might teach them how to do a keg stand and how to organize a rally, but it won't make the country stronger.

Yeah but my whole story is about how I think Kelly Cutrone's books would be helpful for college students or recent Grads

And your whole point about how does school help college grads, is what the books are about and your saying what she says

So then she must be brilliant. :-) Are we done arguing? I'm tired.

But I disagree ... College is good... But doesn't train for real life common sense skills...hence why these books are helpful

Ugh.... if everyone gets an advanced degree, then it's not really an advanced degree is it? College is good only if the economy can support all those kids getting jobs that will enable them to pay off $100K in debt within a few years. Ain't gonna happen. Kelly has written an interesting and possibly even a "good" book. But, why can't 17-18 yo's in HS read it? what does it have to do with college? And, maybe they should read it with their parents?

Well it talks about college and life after college and how college grads need to act when getting into their selected industries, also talks about going to college for something you will actually succeed in and get some enjoyment from...

No the grads need to read it alone, part of the books is about not being a child, being an adult depending on yourself not expecting your parents to baby you through your whole life.

Read it!

ok. You win. I didn't read the book. She makes my point about college and from a strict math and economics perspective, college for everyone won't work, unless college is free... in which case, we should go back and re-evaluate public schools. But let's be clear here. I submit. You have won the argument.

Good for entitled high school kids too... But more so addresses issues specific to recent college grads.

*cracks whip* Now it's time for your spanks!


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Interesting. :)