The General Public

In the United States we keep to the right. No problem with other places having the opposite custom. But for Pete's sake when you're in Rome do as the Romans! Use the right side of the isle or sidewalk you're on! And pay a little attention to where you are going. There's enough room that we need not brush against each other in passing.

Ladies, you want the menfolk to leave the seat down? Then leave the lid down, too. When you don't you're just inviting a nitwit male to **** through the seat. That's why public toilets that aren't gender specific should be left with seats up. Gals, I'm sure you prefer a dry seat upright than a wet lowered one.

Any of us who have been in a position of meeting the public knows that they are a rude, boorish, ill mannered, inconsiderate, clueless, self centered, loud, snooty, prone to fits of temper, demanding, grubbing, grubby, and prying lot. I've seen turds roll out of adult pants legs and been asked if a female gorilla can be impregnated by a man. 

As the expression states "You are a gentleman and a scholar and there's damned few of us left."



GoodOldDirk GoodOldDirk
46-50, M
Mar 14, 2010