Weeding Out The Gene Pool: Idea Number One

Its long been my sentiment that the world is overpopulated. We cant sustain such populations and need to come up with a way to cull the heard so to speak. Some of them shouldnt even be allowed to reproduce. I know, I know. This sounds harsh but lets be realistic we all know They are out there.

Often they are incapable or unwilling to realize when you see this

usually followed by something like this
or or both it means the lane will be ending.
Most highway departments will tell you in how many miles. Look at your odometer! But noooooooo. They keep going, even when they see

on a neat row. Do you not understand? Do you think theyre candy corn?!

Then they see this and they suddenly develop a sense of urgency.  Then it all clicks in their head like the ending to a horror movie and they know its death if they dont flee.  Did the traffic slowing down not give it away? There werent enough warnings? And Im supposed to be considerate to you?

If you dont understand these things in the 21st century youre either living in a place so remote you have probably never seen a paved road or your just inconsiderate. Lets consider a more useful purpose for the inconsiderate ones. Think of all the traffic delays we may avert. Think of the impact on the worlds carbon footprint if we have less inconsiderate people slowing down traffic. Do it for future generations.
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Carbon footprint? Carefully put the Kool-Aid down and step away from the computer. You are unqualified to speak.

Repeat after me: CO2 is not a pollutant. Vegetation needs it to live. Without vegetation, there is no O and we die.

Now go to your timeout chair and contemplate why you voted for Obama, twice!

haha...this is so true...some people eh? ; )

Its just too many of them any more. I want to get home too but have some patience.

Well there are the Darwin awards remember for those creative(read stupid) enough to remove themselves from the gene pool. It's a pity there are not more of them.

Im hardly thinking of an award. More like a permanent solution. Six billion people is a lot. Are all those really necessary? Politicians for example. They rarely offer anything of benefit.

True..pollies seem to cause more problems than they fix!

I swear, last night I really would have shot some one if Id had a gun in the car.

he went down the side of the road to get by everyone, cut back in to the right lane, then to the middle and back over to the right when he realized the two left lanes were closed. Shoot him. With a very large caliber belt fed weapon.