Basic Thoughts, Self-search

I consider myself to be a gentle person, since I behave patiently - until someone start going on my nerves. This could mean various actions or attributes - the worst: stupid. Someone must have an excellent reason for being stupid and me not to contemn him/her.
Anyone is free to believe that this is just simple arrogance or ego from my part. But this is false. I think I only want to get what I deserve for the knowledge and the behave, the attitude.
Equality in real life doesn't exist - it is only in the head of the ignorant people, who are more stupid, than the others, and want to get the same effect. It's a bloody lie, a manipulated, false thing. Knowledge is a key to power. Since smarter (or less stupid) minds are always born, someone always will be in advantage, above the stupid. If you are not that good, than you're going to cheat - you will be a brown-nose, or in other ways. But the controversial part is that even if you are smart and a good guy, sometimes you yourself must brown-nose, because the world is unfair (and some other does brown-noseing better than you, and your true knowledge and good attributes don't matter this time).
If full equality would exist, people all would be smart. But we aren't - we are different. Tolerance is a nice thing, but many are meant to be higher valuable persons - because they are better (not that stupid), and because they have manors, watch their own beheavours, and most of all have a spine.
That's why I am discriminativ - with the f*cking idiots I see and experience everywhere. That's not exactly antisociality - it's the lack of intelligent people I meet.
I have friends - close, intelligent ones. Not nerds, nor professors or philosophers, just normal people, who are rational, and watch themselves and can use their brains. And the most important, they are correct with me.
Sometimes I am considered to be impatient and egoistic. But again, I don't think so - I wouldn't like to be above anybody, I just like to receive what I give: respect, correct beheavour.
Davidissickofthestupid Davidissickofthestupid
Dec 14, 2012