Idiots At The University? Free To Come!

In my country, university was basically supported by the government. Nowadays it's starting to become more of a private thing, as the "free" places at each university decrease and decrease. It's because nobody wants to work, but learn a few more years, or at all cost learn what she/he is interested in, not in which she/he could do something useful, whatever.
Anyway, I now get it, why is this tendency - because these days every bloody blunt caveman could get the hands on a degree, so it becomes a bad scale.
Most of the folks here goes up on facebook on the lectures, or sleeps, or is just too lazy to visit them. And later dozens of these dumbs asks idiot questions in the facebook group of the major, that have been already answered or said on lectures. Annoying. The true and useful informations are hard to find between all that thrash.
It is possible, that some of them works somewhere next to university. But believe me, it is human stupidity when most students lack of creativity. They can find every funny cat/like/serial/cooking site on the Internet but the site of the school and it's containment, e-mail addresses of the teachers, study material, datums, exam things etc. I mean everything is told a hundred times, and they go on asking them not only on facebook, but personally as well! Oh my gush, lazyness, stupidity and uncreativeness combined together...
Not to mention, because of the phenomenon of the brown-nose, they get the same mark as the smart and hardworking ones. Very fair.
However, ignoring this could help. Ignoring always helps, and also searching for mates like me.
Davidissickofthestupid Davidissickofthestupid
Dec 14, 2012