The Right To Bare Arms

I believe we have the right to bare arms. HOWEVER, when does all the senseless killings stop? We are no longer safe from all the armed sick people out there.  Today a mass slaughter in an elementary school? This is crazy!  I am totally sickened and disgusted by what happened today in Connecticut.
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5 Responses Dec 14, 2012

You can't take guns away from people otherwise only the bad will have guns. We need to kill people for killing people because killing people is wrong. Anybody who breaks a law like stealing or Breaking in needs to e killed it it is their second felony. Because what gives then any reason to stop?

People are too busy looking at their smartphones to notice their surroundings in this current day. All the symptoms were there. It's that nobody cared enough to take notice.

Any rational human being will be sickend by this. Until we find a mechanism to place the mentally unstable in a protected and secure environment and take them out of the society it won't stop. Gun's don't kill, the people who use them do, and until those who will use a means to harm (any weapon) the people in society will not be safe. That is the true issue, not guns.

They'll make it an issue of gun control. But that won't work. Someone who's hellbent on creating mayhem, will do it even without guns. The problem is our mental health approach on many different levels. An awareness that there's a twisted kind of mentality growing out there.
Permisssiveness, blindness, and the unshielding of young minds, is everyone's responsibility to wake up and change. There's little left of moral foundations for young minds. And not enough easy help for troubled minds or mental illness. I'm afraid if we don't focus on mental health, this is just the beginning. It's complicated and the easy wrong answer is focusing on guns as the culprit. I could go on and on, but this is the simple reply.

You are not alone