I Dedicate This Group To Idopiddlesome, Pervert Hero

This experience was born because I just couldn't take it anymore.

In this case, "it" is another post in yet another group complaining about "all the perverts, sex fiends, weirdos and freaks on EP."  And almost every single vitriolic remark is prefaced with, "Now I don't like to judge..." or "I consider myself an open-minded person..."   Please.  If they disliked passing judgment so much, or really were so open minded, they wouldn't be a member of a group like that.

IDoPiddleSome has been marvelous about calling out the hypocrisy, and doing his best to remind the people who vociferously grouse about the Piddlers and Panty Wearers and Sex Perverts that are "taking over" that EP is not high school, nor is it reserved for use by those who ascribe to a particular set of beliefs. 

And together we've gone out of our way to remind them that they need not visit our kinky little block in the neighborhood that is EP if they don't want to.   For people who are so deeply offended by the things we enjoy, these self-appointed morals monitors certainly know an awful lot about us, don't they?

So it is to him that I dedicate this group.  My friend The Piddler, we are with you!

And to those who are disgusted by the men trolling for sex (apparently us women doing the same aren't as offensive), the "half-naked women who are their friends" (they seem okay with half-nekkid men), and the kinksters, fetishists, sickos and perverts, and the groups to which we belong:  the EP elves have thoughtfully provided you with an adult content filter.  Use it.  If someone's interests don't match yours, don't add them as a friend or read their profiles or content -- if you're really that afraid that they might bother you, block them.

And quit being such hypocrites.  If you really don't believe others should be able to "force" their interests on you, stop forcing your beliefs on others.

ServeMistressP ServeMistressP
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2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

I trust your words where eloquent enough for them my dear. Well said and three cheers to you. Because I have added you should you add me then you can read my blog on here about Adults only. I think you will like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am as much me as you are you and that is why it works well over here in the Adult Section Only.

Again, my Mistress, a good post - even if there is nothing arousing in it except Your name and avatar