People Who Play Mind Games Are Sick.

I recently got out of a relationship that was like this. For 6 months I put up with a guy who would tell me he loves me soooo much, wanted me to have his baby, that I was part of his family, he wanted me to move in with him, etc. Then after him visiting me in Florida or I going to South Carolina he would then break up with me. Then call me back several days later telling me he made a mistake and I was the best thing that happened to him, etc. However, while he was breaking up with me he would tell me he never loved me, loved me as a friend, etc. His excuse was that he was confused. To me he was playing with my emotions. It has hurt me very badly. And to think the other day we spoke and he said that I was his best friend and he loved me as a friend. And if he lost me he would be crushed. Ok? What do I believe now? How can I trust this person? Friends don't treat friends like that. I was nothing but good to him and this is how I get treated. You know what is sick too? He knows I suffer from depression and he does these things. It's been about 4 days since we broke up and I am miserable, crying all the time, my self esteem is gone, and wonder why me? I am part to blame because I let it go on this long. And you know...I still love him. I hope the pain goes away.
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south carolina?... im guessing military?... if thats the case maybe he's trying to make a space btwn the two of you only bcuz he's afraid of one day not being around and making you suffer even more... if thats not the case then you need to get out of that relationship because it truly does sound like you ARE the best thing that happened to him... if when you are with him he feels strong and strong enough to let you go, and so he does and then when your not with him he begs for you back, thats what it says about him... that without you he is nothing.... and the only reason he is with you is for his convenience .... let him go... go out, meet ppl... its a big world... dont get held back... adventure new things and give your self challenges worthwhile....

its hard to let go but, sometimes its the best decision. easier said then done though.... i hope you feel better soon =]

Sounds to me like you've made the right choice. Be strong and the pain will go away. You don't need that ****.