Like this colleague of mine with whom I share an office. She's the type that thinks that the glass is half empty. She "knows" that all her attempts at anything will fail, or that people want to steal her stuff, etc. She always complains about everything. And will definitely make the waiter miserable if something on the menu won't sound right or doesn't meet her expectations or - God forbid - if she doesn't like the food.
Another friend, well, actually ex-friend, who, being a foreigner and a guest in my country and my city, always badmouthed my country and my nationality. When I asked him to stop at least out of respect for me, he said - but I'm saying the truth! *******! (excuse my French).

I can go on, but won't. At some point I asked myself why the hell should I tolerate this crap?! And I stopped. Tolerating this crap I mean. 
So now I stay away from negativity when possible. Unfortunately it won't help in case with my colleague, but everywhere else helps. I stop communications with so called "friends" when there's nothing else in common between us and the relationship brings only the negative. No more - Just a little bit more for the old time's sake. 
Maybe it isn't a good approach to life, but works for me, at least right now.
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