Get Happy~

I am a happy apple that long ago rid myself of the drama queens and downers that once haunted my life. I've lived long enough to know that life is precious and short. My motto is "be happy anyway"

Peace and happiness are often all about personal choices.

I have worked with the Hospice organization off and on over the years, I have met many sunny upbeat dying people, I promise this.
It's a shame we can't ALL learn to enjoy life and develop a grateful heart. 

We must find a way to develop a hopeful attitude, and open our eyes to the time that we waste on negative thinking and being. We won't be getting that time back!

Get happy and stay happy, no one can make you become happy, it is your choice alone.

If you cannot be happy with yourself, then, give happiness to others. Lose yourself for a time keeping busy doing good things~ for no pay if you have the time. It doesn't matter what you do, if you help someone that needs help, you are going to feel better about yourself, that is how happiness works.
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1 Response Apr 3, 2012

i can give happiness but its the one who want to give me hell like my boss or family members!!! that i can run from...