Ok so Im the type of person who can always put a smile on my face and crack a joke even if i am sad. I just have this positive energy and everyone around me loves my good vibes and happy smiles. Then there are these people who try to suck everything out of me. They are so miserable. All they do is put me down and make **** up like "Oh Jill you are selfish and evil and gross etc" and I am like really? ha ha ok! I still keep my smile. They hate it so they dig and dig. Now I there is an I HATE JILL clan. It involves my own sister, and my ex best friend. They put me down and have no heart. There is nothing genuine about these girls. I let go of the ex best friend and now its time to let go of my sis. Its hard cuz i do love my sis. I need to break away from all the negative and surround myself with people more like me...
Getemtiger Getemtiger
31-35, F
Jan 16, 2013