How Low Some Can Go

i am sick of seeing the ungrateful jerks on here, trolling for sex and affairs when they have loving wives/partners at home. i don't like to judge people but it stirs something in my stomach to see a guy trolling for sex here at EP and admitting his wife doesn't know it in one paragraph. same thing for women who are cheating on their partners online in much the same way. it's disgusting and disrespectful and yet another of the reasons i've changed my views on people over the years. i have trust issues with people and when there are people around on sites like this and others, pushing their sexuality and perversions on others and disrespecting other innocent people in the process, my patience with humanity wears thin.

i'm generally not into fetishistic behaviours though i'm ok with people who do, so long as they keep it to themselves - a fetish is called that for a reason. although it isn't always unhealthy or wrong, a fetish can be awkward, embarrassing or even downright abusive to others. i can see why some others here are getting upset with the sex-troll-spam happening here at EP from these types. it's already happened to me and i haven't been here long. this, i believe is what most are getting annoyed with.... it's not that these folks have fetishes, it's that they're pushing it onto others who don't want to see it by fanning and emailing them. how about leaving these people alone, sex-trolls! let them seek you out... really. after all, you're only going to get your kicks with others who share your perversion.
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I get so sick of hearing from the creepy men who want to share their wife with other men, but because she doesn't want to, they go to groups looking for advice on how to get her to do it. They want to trick her, lie to her, manipulate her, drug her, or do virtually anything they can to get her to do something she doesn't want to, and is horrified by. What a bunch of selfish, perverted jerks. I feel so sorry for their wives and I honestly hope she gets into their computer one day and reads that stuff he has written and then kicks his sorry *** to the curb. Why the hell didn't he marry a hooker if he wanted that kind of crap from his wife?

i agree with that. why don't people marry more like minded people than the ones they ended up with? didn't they get to know their future spouses, find out ahead of time what common ground they had?

trolling for sex and affairs is one thing but i'm sick of people who want to be raped or have their woman raped or twisted men who fantasized about doing their grandma. could they be any more disgusting?

that's the part that isn't talked about; how these people push themselves on you. you always hear don't bother them, ignore them, etc but that's not always the case. some of them have no boundaries and don't mind trying to convert you to their disgusting ways.

blocking these people is all we can do to keep them away from us for sure. i'm all for letting people do their own thing and enjoy their own buzz - EP is what this is all about. but yes, sadly, some have to make it a sickening experience for others at times. would be great if some could keep their clothes on in pics too, lol.... i hear you.<br />
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(((big hugs)))

Bravo! I've only been here about 2 weeks or something to that effect and already I have "fans" who have thousands of 'friends', men with revealing pictures, who have women 'friends' who are half naked on their profile pictures, etc. <br />
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Surely they realize people are aware of what they are searching for, that they are collecting men or women (whichever the case may be) who are interested in sex online. <br />
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I have gone to their pages and if I can, I block them. I feel that's what 'block' is there for, to protect yourself from unwanted communication. <br />
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