I am realy sick of all these idotic men bothering me. so far about 40 men have sent me messages saying that i look very sexy , i don't mind stuff like that but after that they start to ask me that they want to see me topless or naked. than they say they if i want to see their ****. and i really dont. another thing i am sick of people disprecting women on here. one person that bothered me recently about wanting to see me naked an stuff like that started to go on a rant about how he hates women disprecting him and one thing he said really made me angry he said "why should i respect women when i can rape them in the streets" well this idotic thinking is the reason thier are so many stupid pervy men out there
kate4000 kate4000
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

they will never stop.. you just block them all ;)