The System Has Failed!

Our society is designed to keep the poor in their place. Our welfare system is designed only to help those that are lazy and want to over populate the planet. They will not help those of us that are trying to go to college and get better careers. They will only help you if you work a minimum wage job with no hope of reprieve and want to have 5 to 10 children by 5 to 10 different fathers.Or they will help if you are a drug addict. So if you have no family other than your child and are trying to get your degree forget it you will have to lessen your iq by about 100 points and snort or shoot up something to get their attention.I thought it was for people who had fallen on rough times and needed temporary help but no it is for the perpetual losers and the people that feel the world owes them. i am disgusted. Are you?
satanatemyshoes satanatemyshoes
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

hahaha yes actually it did...i am a huge megadeth fan...saw and met them at st. andrews in detroit on their world needs a hero still my favorite show i've ever been to...

In truth, I'm more overwhelmed with apathy than anything, though I'll grant that there's much to be disgusted about. In addition to the garden variety crackheads you mentioned being subsidized, there's the bailouts of carmakers that build lousy cars (GM, and Chrysler), banks that fail at banking (TARP), insurers that can't manage risk (AIG), farm subsidies that result in distorted food markets (Corn subsidies combine with the embargo on Cuba to make High Fructose Corn Syrup a cheaper form of sugar than sugar.), and the list goes on. As a matter of scale, "welfare queens" are among the least of our problems.<br />
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Just for fun, did you know that according to an executive from one major supermarket chain, purchases of soda accounted for over 6% of food stamp purchases?<br />
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Oh, and bonus points if your title has anything to do with Megadeth's album of the same name.