I Am Getting Sick of the Taste of Food?

because it doesnt taste like it used too and I just slide it down my throat to fill myself up . Dont get me wrong I am grateful I can eat food and do feel sorry for the starving people in the world but to me its starting to feel like I"m just sliding it down my throat to keep myself alive! It doesnt taste nice anymore its just boring to me.

twinky twinky
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Dear Charlee17 many thanks for your comment and am sorry to hear you dont feel well it must be awful for you. I know its wrong of me to say this about food but it doesnt taste the same to me? I used to saliva out of the mouth over food but not anymore it just makes me feel sick like you. its the same thing over and over again it just tastes like eating nothing to me. thanks twinky

honestly i wish that we didn't have to eat to live. i have always enjoyed eating it's what i feel afterwards that i don't like. i have numerous sensitivites to food and additives to food and drink, colors dyes in food. so i watch what i eat but if the resturants or food manufactures change even little amounts of substances in the food i get sick. and after 50 years i am tired of being sick. i am supposed to change my diet every 3 days, food rotation but i haven't been successful yet. i just wish i was someone different. i tire of the symptoms that haunt me. we went out to eat the day before valentines day, it tasted good, i ate the same foods that i normally eat and about 1-1/2 hours later i felt like garbage. and it stays with me for 3 days. i am still not feeling great. i have chronic fatigue/fibro.