Weird Relationship/can't Drive.

I woke up at 11 AM, alone. Usually, he'll go downstairs and get his coffee, then come back up here with me. Well, not today. It's almost 12 PM and he's still not here. I don't hear anyone downstairs, like usual, either. To top it all off, I've been developing a cough/sore throat all weekend and my stomach is wreaking havoc. I just need to get home so I can at least be comfortable and not feel awkward. However, there is a slight problem with that, too. He lives about forty-five minutes to an hour from my house. My sister is about fifteen minutes away. She told me that if I paid for her to get her eyebrows waxed, she'd come get me from his house anytime she was up this way. Well, she waited until I got here to tell me that she won't come all the way here and get me. She insists that I have someone drive me to the store closer to where she is. Only, I don't have anyone to drive me to the store. My mom won't come get me, since my sister is already up here. So, I'm pretty much stuck here for God knows how long. I never usually stay longer than the weekend. I can't believe my sister won't come pick me up, after all the money I've spent on her, and I'm offering her gas money too! I am so sick of feeling like this, so helpless and unable to drive myself, and I'm tempted to jump out of the window and meet my fate on the concrete driveway below.
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As someone who loves words and names for "a living", I don't think there exists more beautiful words than the EP software saying that we just became friends... Of course there was never ever a time when I wasn't yours...

I L'ove you.