I had a relationship that ended badly. There are two sides to every story they say. The story about our breakup has made its way around school,from his end,not mine. I am frequently asked about it,but i just reply,there are two sides to every story. It is just so hard not to spew out ridiculous details about him to random strangers to make myself feel better. I know that even though i did do some things wrong in the realtionship and however much i may deserve this,the fact that he is acting this way to make up for somethign he is lacking,is just proof that its not cool. It is no ones business as far as I'm concerned. I mean i would love to say the meanest thing ever.but i just find no point. Why should i gain joy out of it. There are only a few people who knew what went down completely,still they don't have a clue. I find it unessacary to create other pawns. for that i feel as if i am continously being the bigger and better person.

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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Oh my goodness....I know what you mean......there is no point and when you participate, you will only be playing his game anyway. Good on you for hanging am not alone.........

You are the bigger person and you will be glad you are not saying mean things about him to people you dont really know. When you are out of school you will realize how pety those other people are and him if he is saying mean things about you to make himself feel better. Life will get better and time heals all.