Here I am again, in pain and grief. Have come back to this platform to share my feelings. While writing this experience, I realized that how much I depend on this platform, which always me lot of strength, takes away my pain and loneliness .. Although I have written only two three experiences till now, still it means so much to me. It has become my true friend.

Now I start my experience.. I am sick
I am very sick these days, not sure why? I have lost lot of weight , I feel very weak , I feel depressed , I often start crying thinking about old bad memories. I think it's more of mental than physical sickness like depression. I haven't shown any doctor coz I hate going to doctor, right from childhood. I don't share it with anyone coz I know week people fall sick and I don't want to have image of being week. I want to be nice, smiling, happy and chirpy girl. I don't want anybody, anybody's at all sympathy. I hate people showing me sympathy. I am not and I don't want to be some kind of poor girl who people sympathize. I just hate it.

I want to be person whom people feel fear from.

But fact is I am week and loosing weight like anything. I don't know what to do.
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Do you know this sick woman stopped people from looking for jobs because she's so lazy other people could not find them so she blocked the application