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I'm going to be a Speedy Singh and quickly post htis beofre I go to eat my roti, mum is calling me already (sounds familiar, rihgt?!).

I was born into a Sikh family but became a Sikh for myself. Most people do not realise Sikhi is the only religion whose founders have wrote their holy text; gave women equal rights as codified and enshrined in the religion from the outset; the morning prayer of the Sikhs, the Japji Sahib, is the most read poem in the world (due ot the number of people all around the world to read it EVERYDAY!) and is the youngest religion in the world and the one with the most direct artefacts of its founders still in existance.

Love, poetry and music are how the way of life is progressed. Who would not want to be a part of an expereince like that?!
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Sat sri Akaal! Thanks fo sharing.

Sikhi is more than just another religion, to me Sikhi is gift from GOD to become really spiritual and to be able to reunite with HIM, Sikhi is also a true simple high way of living, apart from been an universal approach, Sikhi is greatness is in how simple it is to walk into such bright path.

You do make it sound quite appealing.