I Cant Tell Anyone How I Feel

i am so desprated for help i had mentel health problom for 15 years plus now no med but i have 3 children under three hard but i have one son he so difficult i really cany explain i adopted i cant go ask help but i feel getting sick again if i ask i am afraid they take my children from me soo i in pain and hopless on my owen i not coping with him i have no partner us it was domestic violience situation everything difficult like shopping etc i am drowning i no where to turn because my fear
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1 Response May 30, 2011

I think you will feel better if you had help, I know it must be so hard asking, I found it very hard, I worried about being judged, but there are many groups who can help, that are not authorities, I am not the most religious person, but i do know churches offer help to people, and you don't have to believe what they do. here in new zealand we have a place called family centre, they are here to help all people with all problems, I hope where you are there is something like this, they are great. you are scared that they may take your children if you ask, b ut here it would be the other way around, they would take the children if you didn't ask. But I don't know how it is where you are, :) keep your chin up.