I Am Me & You Are You

I'm not  perfect. I don't wanna be. I am a simple girl in a world where boxes aren't just things and lables are just a name away. Some people are trying to change me. Will they soon realize that my heart and soul are not my colthes? I hope so. I'm simple because I have hopes and dreams for this world just like you. Some will get crushed, some of them already are but I still look up to stars. I wanna be your friend but ypu won't let me in because I'm different.  I'm different beause I stand up for love and you, you stand by your faith- my friends underestimate me. I'm in a world filled labels, I wanna change that! I'm complicated it's what you made me out to be. I'm complicated because you never really wanted to know me.
blueeyedbubblez blueeyedbubblez
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 8, 2011

Be you - be the you you were designed to be! Different from everyone else, because there can only ever be one you. <br />
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And if that ****** some people off; then so much the better. Labels belong on clothes and food - not people.