Reading Between The Lines

I deplore that kind of cowardice that will not declare one's real feelings or opinions.  This kind of hypocrite will say what she thinks you want to hear, then elsewhere you find material that flatly contradicts it.  

I like to be able to take people at face value.   To find that what they say is what they mean.  To find there are no subtle mental reservations where they have said something that on the surface is true, but mentally gave to it a different meaning to the one conveyed.

Sincerity is perhaps the simplest form of moral courage.  To just be perfectly sincere in what is said and cop the consequences is an attribute I greatly admire.
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Hmm... this is thought-provoking. Again, I thoroughly enjoyed it, but (sincerely!) don't agree with all of it.
Personally, I don't think anyone would like a person who thoughtlessly blurts out whatever is on their mind. Of course, I agree that it is a big turn-off when you find material that contradicts someone's claims.... It makes you wonder if you should ever trust that person again!

Thank you for reading this story and leaving your comment. I, too, deplore thoughtless blurting out of hurtful opinions, and I certainly did not convey that I approve of such behaviour in this story.

Thank you, my dear friend. Truth is always sweet and welcome to the lovers of truth.

Thank you for your comment, auramaru. Everything you say is very true. I am a big fan of tact. But tact is not what I am complaining about here. I am talking about when people are two faced out of cowardice. But yes, consideration of peoples' feelings is also very important.

sorry for my misunderstanding -- you're talking about liars and cheaters, then! got it. :)

there is nothing wrong with tact, or learning to keep one's opinions to one's self. to burst out with sincere but unfiltered commentary is sometimes selfish and just plain rude. you admire good manners, and though simple sincerity is a great attribute, sometimes it doesn't hurt to be sincere but not all-exposed about it. thanks for your thoughtful words!

Thank you for your thoughtful and philosophical response, Dex. I think most of us hate hurting people. Tact is a product of charity. I think we can be both tactful and sincere, at least I would like to think we can. The danger point would be misleading someone into believing something false.

I sincerely concur, perseverer... with the following hypocritical, cowardly reservation: it hurts me when things I say hurt people. So if that is one of the consequences I would have to cop for such open truth, I would rather be tactful.

Thank you, itsmecrystal. I am glad that someone out there in EP land can identify with what I am saying.

Very well said I exactly know what you mean,nothing worse then a coward or a hypocrite.