I Can't Be Fake Even If I Try

While I must have some sort of a hard-to-read exterior, which I say because I've been told some people I know sometimes think I'm being insincere, though I know that I cannot even BE fake, even if I try. Which, I don't think I ever even really do.

I TRY to be all... cooler and "professional" often, though, I just don't have two faces in me. I'm me with friends. And, well, I'm me at work too.

I also am entirely sincere with words and actions. I can't imagine being all fakey all the time, which is the impression I get that some people are, and which I've experienced a few times (with relationship things, unfortunately), where things are going along all swimmingly, then these people who are really actors, it seems, reveal that it's all been fake (one said), and nothing (said another).

Interesting, yet horrifying to me. I don't understand how people who are able to pull that off can spend so much energy on such a thing... I don't "get it." I don't see the point.

penname penname
41-45, F
Jul 31, 2009