I Need A Guy That Is.......

I'm looking for a guy that will get to know me and will be honest with me. He must be romantic and sweet and nice. I must get to know him, no lies what so ever. He needs to share his age so I know it is age appropriate. If you are some creep that goes around stalking and raping girls, you better back off, or I will either call the police, or kill you if I have to. I'm serious. I need a guy that appreciates me for who I am! So chat with me a d we will see what happens. ;)
AlphaShewolf AlphaShewolf
13-15, F
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wait till your 21.

Its a real crime to say your going to kill someone by the way just saying.

Not that I am any of those things you mentioned and your way too young. I only want gals over 21..

Right , just didnt wantbenyone to understan me wrong +D

sorry dodnt noticed u 15 :D

15yo's need friends too.

Hi , let me know you then ;)

And you have yours blocked anyways

Yeah, have to keep it that way. You should be able to find out my location by hovering over my name though. At least I hope so, cant find out myself.

Where is your location, I cannot find it.

Btw, how old are you?

Would you concider country and state? Still cant find you but peeks interest to chat.

NSW Australia 33yo

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I did not realize it was blocked, it's not now. And I don't reveal my locations. I prefer to be safe and just chat online here.

Since this site is visited by people from all around the world and you havent put your location, whats more you have blocked people from seing your profile, dont expect many replies. People dont like to waste their time.

Yeah, I agree. I just have really been a fan of romance, but now that I think of it, I'm thirteen and I should be sticking to "secret crushes" on guys at my school. Lol ;)

Omg girl they are all creeps online! Stay with local singles your much better off! I have a lot of experience with online dating and its bogus" all they want is phone sex hunny run the other way fast! Lol

Yeah O_o
You could run into people like me!
Run away little girl!!!

Ha ha ha funny :)