I'm 20 And Trying To Open Up.

So I just registered for this site, the first site like this I've ever been to, tonight. For a very long time I kept my emotions bottled up and focused on school and work. Now that I'm in a good place with a bright future in both, I realized what I was really missing in my life was someone I could talk to and be honest with. I've been known to take things way too fast in the past and have been crushed after year long relationships, it's part of why I kept everything bottled up. But now I realized I'm tired of living such a selfish life, I'm not happy without someone I can truly love and take care of. If anyone really wants to talk about themselves, I'd be more than happy to listen.
FrankyV FrankyV
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

You seem ke a beautiful person how is life treating you?

You do too. Thanks for that. Life (in all tangible categories) is going very well for me. I'm confident in my job and can see my future in it. I have an A average in my college courses. I have people that care about me. But, I don't have someone I can be completely honest with. I live alone and no one is close enough to me to really talk do. I have this dream that I'm going to finally meet the perfect girl who loves what I love and would spend a lazy Sunday curled up in my arms. That dream is keeping me from being satisfied with where I am in my life. I really do feel like I need someone after being so self-reliant for so long.