I Met This Man

He was tall, handsome and had the most amazing smile; the kind that couls light up a room and make even the most nervous person feel at ease. We were sitting at a bar in a quieter part of the city. It wasn't the nicest place in the world, it was dark, felt damp and had this strange smell of what can only be described as musty carpet; by the way there was no carpet in the bar. Anyway we started talking about our lives and how much they were happy, but felt incomplete; I saw his wedding ring on his finger and asked why wasn't he with his wife? He replied "that he had caught her cheating with his brother", he was devistated and didn't really want to talk about it. So I asked him what he was going to do next? He said he wanted a divorce and never wanted to see her again. I then told him I had just come out of a serious relationship with a man because he didn't want to commit and I did, so he left me. He then started talking to me about the fact that he has had this urge to sleep with a man, but has never done it because he was with his wife. So I so kindly offered on a rebound level well you can come back with me; he didn't even hesitate.

After he came back to mine and we did, well what we did; he stopped over and we watched movies together and had a laugh.

It didn't feel wierd and it didn't feel wrong, he then had to go the next morning for work, I lent him some clothes and off he went. He left me his mobile number on the bed side table and he said call me, I think your great.

So I did, we met up a lot just as friends and before I knew it we were dating and it happened without ever asking.

It been 5 years since that happened and I am now in a civil partnership with him, I can't quite believe it... I have found my soul mate and it was all because I went to a bar on a whim, met him and I found my happy ever after.
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Jan 15, 2013