Looking For Mr Right, Not Mr Right Now

I am going through a pretty tough break up. Im losing all my loved ones (with the exception of my grown kids) and I work a lot, very good earner. I am on a weight loss program, but I am not an ugly woman by any means. I am loving, kind, generous and giving. I can see right through lies and deceit, though, and this is why I am single at the moment. I don't like being alone.
I need a man who knows what being a partner is about. A give and take relationship, nothing one sided.

Doesn't have to be perfect in form, but not overly overweight, preferably, and if ya are, well I love Kevin James.

I love brown eyes, but eyes of color don't turn me away. I need a man who loves God, who is compatible with my ups and downs that happen sometimes. I have had very recent loss in my life that was substantial. A good humor is important. A man slow to raise his voice at me, but doesn't mind directing the household as the man of the house. A bread earner who likes to bring home the bacon, but not someone who wants to stay out all night with friends or other women. I don't want another cheater. I can keep you happy if you know what you want. You need to be able to tell me how to make you happy, I am good at direction.

I dont like smoking and heavy drinking. I dont mind sports and football all the time, as long as you are cooking out on game day and I can sit there with you, or watch a movie in the other room while you kick-0ff with my football loving sons!

I dont want someone who wont get along with my grown kids. My kids are very easy going and I do have 2 granddaughters with a grandson on the way. We are all very easy to get along with, but are very intuitive. We can sense danger or bad energy.

I am helping my daughter get on her feet with her girls and my 16 old son lives at home. I have both parents, one is desperately ill, but knows bounderies. The other is well liked in the community and well off.

What can you offer?
JuliaBrindle JuliaBrindle
1 Response Feb 8, 2013

I....COULD perhaps help you, just...I'm looking for someone who is willing to be even...EXTREMELY obedient?(This...is SO very, very important!! For me obedience is one of the MAJOR, MAJOR keys in a relationship) Otherwise: 42 yrs, brown hair/eyes (yes), 65kg's, 173 tall, not such fan of sports, DON'T drink/smoke, can be VERY loving (I'm actually like and on/off switch, if she disobeys I become less loving, kind of like...she'll FEEL neglected, so no...I don't spank or hit her or anything like that, simple as that), for me weight isn't SUCH a huge issue but...not EXCESSIVELY weighty (if you know what I mean), I not really looking for "equal" as such, she needs to know someone is superior over her and MUST...listen...period.I can have a GREAT sense of humor and am rather sensitive person who prefers honesty.<br />
Just a little ON the obedience side: No matter WHAT I tell her, she will do (good OR bad), she CAN give her opinion about whatever she is told to do but if I still want, she must do), NO backchatting or cheeking or moan or overreact, I would almost be like...a BOSS to her. No you WON'T be a slave or maid or whatever, you'll get told what to do, then at the end of the day I'll come to you and hold and kiss you and just....enjoy you, give you some massage on your shoulders at night, perhaps while we're watching a movie together or what you can put your legs on my lap and I'll rub your calves etc, you'll get nice surprises sometimes and plenty compliments. You will get told how to dress, what to wear, how to do your hair etc.Basically if you don't mind having your freedom taken away ;) (I mean you won't have much choice in life...just obey and enjoy the fruits)<br />
IF you won't mind these things then give me shout ;)