How Do You Get Back In the Game?!

I have been single for  over a year, most of that was spent trying to sort my head out after my last relationship. Only recently have I felt ready to start datig. The problem is now i feel so out of practice and lack the confidence to get back out there. I honestly feel I may be single forever!

nikki1trea nikki1trea
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 18, 2009

message me :) im single too

I try and try and it don't work.
It seems I wanted to much out of
the relinship.
And I will be alone all my life.
I feel some time .
Men wanted to much out of me.
They rush the sex to fast for me and I am not ready for it.
And that is how I feel

I feel the same

OMG, you're so young!!! Dig on the freedom for a little bit... check out meetup for your area (dot com) & search for matching interests, not necessarily for dating but to meet friends who share your interests as well. Just have fun & love will come when it's meant to (usu. when we're not trying).

Oh my you said the magic word practice...and what would be wrong with getting a practice boyfriend ?? Listen I was out of the scene almost 3 yrs,,and I had to face the fact that I never really did date, well not healthy dating I now have a boyfriend, and I call him my practice boyfriend...cause Iam learning to trust,love and open up to a healthy relationship for the first time