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Maybe I offend the delicate sensibilities of the female gender at large, maybe I am too nice, too good or too honest and open. I really could not tell you why I am still single. Some would say I am aggressive, whereas I would call it ambitious and determined. Others will say - I give up too easily but that is merely because I will not waste my time on someone who looks at me as only an option. I will not be 'just an option', I will not be 'just the flavor of the month'. I refuse to be an entree picked off of EP's menu. I will give all and everything beyond it when I see that I am more than that. When someone says 'HEY, it may not be today but someday I have decided you will be mine and I'll be yours and it will be all for the glory of that love we will share. Call me demanding if you will but I don't think that is so lofty a goal to aim for. I don't believe it is unreasonable and I will hold out, to my last breath if necessary to die for my dreams.

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5 Responses Feb 7, 2010

And so Legacy, what is your update now? Are you still single since your last comment of April 2010?

She's out there somewhere K.. she's out there

are you putting your own needs after theirs?

Gotta trust yourself and your instincts

Don't worry about Brimi. His ob<x>jective here is to provoke people.<br />
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