Cool About It

i met a cute guy in the club 2 weeks ago and we got together again on Friday night. We had a lot of laughter together and then we had sex. That was too soon. I think I blew it but I also think i don't deserve him. He still texted me the next day but I can tell he isn't interested much anymore. I knew we wouldnt work out anyways so maybe thats what's supposed to be. At least I had a great time - he was really cute and funny.

In my experience, even after having waited for a few dates to have sex , those relationships still failed. There were 2 guys i had sex with on the first date but I had the most passionate relationship with them so I have learned to take it easy now. I can separate sex and love. I can like someone easily but it would be difficult for me to fall for him. Maybe this year I can experiment on having some VERY short term relationships (i.e. a day - a week).

I cant tell my friends because they would feel disgusted about me. but I just want to try whatever makes me happy or less bored. You can be classy all ur life and still have failed relationships or marriages. Life is short - I will follow my heart and not to regret about anything. If i really realize something has gone wrong, i will simply do something different in the future.
MissisNobody MissisNobody
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2012