I Forgot How It Is To Be In A Relationship

I've been in a serious relationship with someone for 6 years - it's been 6 good years of love and friendship. During valentines day last year, we realized something sad.. that we are no longer in love with each other, that the romantic love faded, and that we are better off as buddies. So we decided to call it quits, we both felt that we are no longer good as a couple. No bitterness, everything was cool.

At first it was horrible, not having someone with me in the movies and in important family occasions.. walking alone, deciding alone, and worse, travelling alone. Then after a couple of months I have moved on, I found out that being alone has its perks. I started finding my inner peace, I did meditation, went to church, excelled in my career and started building dreams of my own.

Now I've been single for almost two years. I forgot how it feels to be in a relationship. Sometimes I wonder, will I be capable of falling in love again?

But then again I don't mind being single for now. I guess people have to learn how to respect, love, and accept themselves first before they can actually share their love with somebody else. That's what I'm doing for now, having the time of my life. :D
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Wow. you are strong though. I hope you find your path with that special someone. I'm afraid that would happen to my bf and I. In other words crap happens /:

It's not like I wanted to be single at first, but things happen for a reason. We fell out of love and got no choice but to move on and pull myself together. Turns out, everything has gotten better in my life. Same with him... so it means we are simply not meant for each other. Don't be fearful of anything, enjoy what you have right now. Fear and paranoia are the major killers of relationships. Then again, don't forget to leave a little something for yourself. :D

Thanks made me feel better. As long as everything is going great for you then there you go. 6 Years though! that's a long time.

Yes it is, all my university life and a few years of career life spent with him. His family knows me and my family likes him too. That's the most difficult part, explaining to everyone that we are no longer together. It wasn't so bad, at least I had happy 6 years with someone who is worth it. I think he isn't still the love of my life ahaha. that one is yet to come. as for you, enjoy your life. be happy and refrain from being bitter or dwelling on what's lacking. enjoy whatever you have and make the most out of it. :)