Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the sort of girl that guys turn their noses up at, but I wouldn't get together with just anyone. I've been single a while now, and it's just something I got used to. I've seen friends around me have their hearts broken - and actually come to me for advice! And I've seen how it brings some of my friends down when they try involving themselves in relationships. I look at myself and realise that, yes, sometimes it would be nice to have a decent guy to lean on - but still, I'm happy, in some cases I'm happier than those who do have someone to lean on. I don't actually need anyone to depend on right now, especially with so many positive changes happening in my life, surely starting a romance would complicate things??Who knows...still, if he's not around then I don't mind being single just a tad longer until he shows up

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I have a part time girlfriend, we both enjoy living alone, but we will spend a weekend together from time to time or a few days, we travel well together but we enjoy the alone time as well. It's a nice araingement, no strings, no jelousy.<br />
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You're young, you have a long way to go you have plenty of time to find the right one. I have two daughters and I told them both it's nice to have a guy around but don't put your self in a position to where you need one.

Don't worry about it.a girl who can write a sensible letter like that will find a good man soon enough. Just take your time.