Keep It Simple

Good title to begin with..i most agree. Relationships take a lot of work these days. My typical "type" has failed me time and time again or maybe I wasnt ready for a serious I tried something different this time..someone 21 years older then I, believing that he would be more mature and all that stuff..and its actually more baggage. So I also felt like people would stare at us in public and it made me feel a bit "Aware". I am 32 and do not look like it at all so i am blessed with that, I didnt think we would look that odd. As time goes on i realise that i am not found of his coughing fits and wheezing. He take blood pressure pills and is always mentioning his life insurance policy like I might have forgotten. Romantically Morbid or his desperate attempt to hope that i am that shallow. I was attracted to a part of his personality if that makes any sense..any new relationship, is good only in the first few months..the excitment and butterflies..the other can never do any wrong and every funny, romantic, crazy (good thing that is) is soooooo great...then all the baggage gets thrown on the kitchen table and holy hell, Im running for the door. I am in love with being in love not all the uncomfortable silences..he would repeat everything i said which drove me friggin mad..stare at me in a weird insane way and just all those lil issues became my friggin problem. All his ex's mistakes and problems all of a sudden are just coming now that i dumped the ol'guy im feelin like i dont mind at all..

babyjay77 babyjay77
31-35, F
Aug 6, 2009