Men Are Nothing But Trouble

I don't need a man, to make me happy.  I'm doing quite fine as a single woman.  I have a lot of friends who are guys.  I did fall in love with a man, when I was in college.  He seemed sweet, at first, but than he turned out to be a real jerk.  He was also married.  He treated me like a Retard, towards the end of the year, back in 1994. 

I've made the mistake of trusting another man, on the Internet.  He wasn't really a man.  He was an ignorant 18 year old boy.  He was pretty crazy to fall for a 33 year old.  It turned out that he was a Grade-A jerk, as well. 

I'm now a part of a circle of friends, with people who want to stay single.  I'm very happy with that.  I have friends who I share the same values with.  No one pushes me to get a boyfriend or a husband and get married.

Sid1977 Sid1977
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2 Responses May 23, 2008

Hey I am not a jerk. I mean I am not perfect but I am not a jerk. Women like you scare me, it's like if all women are not gold diggers and after men money, then all men are not bad or jerks. When you have a bad day and are a little mean does this make you a jerk? All us guys are not terrible. Like this one guy said, I am just glad there are so few people who joined this group.

Not always. Everybody is different and if you got out thinking this guy is going to hurt me, then you most likely will get hurt.

please be careful.take time to think about your old age just i case it dawns on you.there are men who are not jerks,who both of you can flow better than your present circleand who both of you can raise lovely kids who will be there for you when you are aging and aching when none of your present friends will not be around or may also be bogged down by issues beyond it.take it or leave it, for every male jerk there are seven solid,mature ,seasoned ,self respecting guys you can choose i need say are on the path of a self fullfilling destructive prophecies that all men are jerks.i am not and im a man.