I'm Nbsb And I Finally Realize How Lucky I Am To Be :)

I was bitter the whole time. I was hurt and I even wish I had amnesia to just forget everything. I was so envious of others who have boyfriends and love life. I long for some guy. I always thought life was a fairy tale. That my prince or knight in shining armor would come and swift me off my feet or just someone who would protect me and make me feel love. All those time I thought I needed that.


But I realize I don't. And how funny that was for me to think so. I even laugh at myself when I thought of those crazy things I did. All I have to be is happy for being single. I'm lucky even to be so. And also the guy I would be in the future. But, psss, I still have a long way to go. Well, I have my friends, my family and EP. :) nothing more that I could wish for. I could have an inspiration though. I'm lucky I have nothing to worry about. I won't have to think of a time to be with someone almost all the time. I could focus on my studies then. I just wish, this would continue, 'til it's the right time. :)
Amandra Amandra
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

This last few day I felt so down being a nbsb I'm so jealous of my cousin because they're going into places with his girlfriend and I think its fun.. well thanks for this it really cheered me up! I'm back to being a happy nbsb xD

I hope you can find what you want, I think we all get that feeling at some point that someone will come and save us.

Thanks ^_^ I hope so too.

and thanks for the rate O.O :D have a nice day! :)

you too.