Forever Alone

Yes i am single and quite happy at that. While this might seem a strange stance to take, after all within the daily grind of life and our society filled with material and selfish needs, is not love and through that, relationships something to strive for and a true path towards peace and happiness?

No is the short answer.

Long answer? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

But in all seriousness, I have found that romantic love, only causes you to give up that which makes you truly happy, whatever that might be, usually there is some great personal sacrifice that you are supposed to make, weather at the start of a relationship or down the line. One is expected and perhaps reasonably so, to make accommodations within relationship, as what was once an individual is now a unit. No more I or Me, instead its Us and We.

I must admit, I value my freedom and my Independence. I don't want to accommodate or change things that I do not feel need to be changed. I am an introvert and allot of the time I enjoy the pleasure of being alone, amazing it seems to feel that way within our extroverted society yet it is true and no matter how many attempts there are to change this simple fact. It remains, I don't want to be a unit or be a we, i am a me and i will always remain me. I don't enjoy relying on others or them relying on me and i don't take to trusting others well, frankly after enough times spent within relationships i have decided that you never know. No matter how good you are to your partner, be it man or woman, if they are going to stab you in the back one day.

For no reason other than it suits their own needs, their own needs typically being the innate desire to fill the void that is within all of us. On the flip side, one never knows how a relationship is going to turn out or how your own feelings might change once the relationship begins.  I have found in the past, when getting close to people I liked, suddenly pushing back as the threat of my own Independence becomes realized.

It seems I am destined to be alone and perhaps that is not so bad.

However this does not mean I do not seek other kinds of relationships, I am perhaps more open to more modern types of relationship such as the "friends with benefits" ideal Lust has all the pleasures that come with romance and love, yet none of the flaws . I have no desire for a long term romance, and the idea of marriage is out of the question for me, having witnessed the slavery of my mother and father who always hated one another and the decline of other marriages. As well as the fact that every relationship  I have observed has followed the same pattern with the same thought processes.

I have, perhaps at this moment, no desire to procreate. Instead I see myself as trying to rise above my own psychological impulses to procreate or find myself a mate.

Maybe one day this view will change and I will become more open to the idea of a romantic relationship, however it would take a very special woman indeed to take me down that path and weather that happens or not, is something i'm frankly not that worried about.
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dont worry you are just the stereotypical man..nothing new there.

Wise words.