Nothing Else I Can Do...

For almost 23 years, I've come to accept it. I'm far too unique for any person in the planet. I believe that becoming whole means being at total "oneness" with self. I may be defensive and avoidant, but that's me at the purest form. All I wanted was a spiritual and intellectual connection. But, I guess I won't find that in humans, only in God. Maybe my drinking will also continue to be a source of solace. Whatever it is, no one else will be in my stride. Why was I bulit with genitals if I am my own person and will never use them?
I'm on a lone woman's journey. I'm on the path of singlehood for a lifelong purpose of which I do not know yet. I wasn't meant for anyone and I've accepted it.

LovelessDeluxe LovelessDeluxe 22-25 May 2, 2011

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