Single For Life?

I never had a real relationship. I don't think I've ever had any type of relationship that was remotely close to romantic or going on a date. I am 26 years old and to not experience it, is a shame. I don't think anything is wrong with me. I think I am physically average and same with personality. What I lack is experience in the field of relationships. I have asked girls out before but to no success. Maybe I am coming on too strong or too shy. Most of my friends are getting married or have long term relationship. As much as I like being single sometimes, I feel like I'll be left alone. As much as I want my friends to be there for me forever, I understand that their significant other will need them more, which means rarely spending time with me. Sometimes I think I missed my chances to establishing a relationship in college or even in high school. Back then, I wasn't really thinking about having a relationship until towards the end of college.

To what length do I have to go to find that special someone? I read many articles that the younger generations are having relationships at a young age like 16! After I get my 2nd degree, I am thinking of starting an entirely new life; find my own place to live, do things new, new job, etc.
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I'm the same way. It's like you wrote that about me! I'm 21 and I've never been in a relationship. Like you, I never really felt the need, but lately that has changed. It's all my fault, really. I have a huge fear of commitment and trust issues. Everytime I get close to someone, I push them away before anything serious happens. Lately I've been trying to open up to people. Baby steps, dude! We'll get there ;)

well i am understand the way u feel because i feel the same way about me..maybe i wont married or being single the entire of my life without find partner..its sounds weird but yeah that is

Look at it this way: Would you want to date a girl that was so cold, she would reject a guy right off the bat? I wouldn't. When you get rejected, you're weeding out one more ******* person. <br />
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I've been rejected plenty, so I get the frustration. Kicking things helps.

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My room mate (and good friend) is in your exact same boat. He is 26 as well...same thing. Never really had a relationship, because he never really found a girl that was cool enough, in to him enough, or that he was attracted to enough, etc. Im quite the opposite. I have had tons of relationships with tons of people that didnt even matter to me at all. Ill tell you what I told him. I think that you are smart to do things the way you do them. I regret so many of the things about my past relationships. the people I have hurt, or that I cant even talk to because we had a bad break up...stuff like that. You will find someone. You shouldnt worry about finding them. When you work on making yourself happy and deciding that you will be happy, then it will be right to find someone.<br />
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I dont know if you are like this, but my room mate is kinda in a rut with everything in his life. He doesnt like his job or where he lives or pretty much anything about what he is doing. He has just started up a band though and i already see a huge change in him. Try something new! or pick back up with something old...something cool and interesting to YOU. I also suggest doing something that involves excercise! It builds confidence and creates endorphins and overall just helps you attract positive people to your life. <br />
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mostly, just dont worry. whoever you are going to meet will fall into your lap when you are happy and you dont see it coming at all. :)

Hope ill find that someone special as well, Insha'Allah!!! :)

There's no shame in it. It's better, you don't have those relationships you would regret for your life. You'll meet the lady who's destined for you [Insha'Allah] :)

Sometimes its better to b single, because u never know, that "one special" lady will come in your life, and make your life more beautiful than you would've thought.

promise you'll find someone, especially with a great head on your shoulders. you're still very young :)

baby u have long life ahead of u just give it 2 god & b patient good things com those who wait